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Our work history covers a broad range of renovation work, including metal building expansion, production facility modifications and equipment relocation, dormitory and laboratory renovations and more.

Our construction reputation among owners, developers, and tenants is a company offering top-quality work, integrity and reliable performance. Our subcontractor management enables us to execute each construction contract with the highest degree
of performance in mind.


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Brenco’s manufacturing team has the full capability to work with customers from product design and prototype stages through ongoing production, and provides manufacturing services for successful product generation.

Brenco is fully capable to fill material procurement and assembly contracts to make your project turnkey. Brenco utilizes a manufacturing and fabrication campus of over 130,000 sq. ft. dedicated to fulfilling the customers' needs.

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"If its Made Out Of Metal, We Can Make It"
Our in-house steel detailing department develops CAD shop drawings from the project structural and architectural documents, submits those shop drawings to the architect/ engineer for review and approval, while our superintendents then check all details for proper fit and dimensioning prior to fabrication. We handle the structural steel installation with our own teams.

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We have certified welders, pipefitters and sheet metal mechanics.We have contracted commercial and industrial work throughout the Southwest. Our HVAC professionals have worked on various-sized air conditioning and heating projects.

Every phase of a project is handled by our in-house employees under direct supervision of our project managers and superintendents on the job. Brenco's commitment to quality guarantees that the installation meets the design specifications.  Prior to move-in, all systems are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure a quality product.


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We provide the highest quality powder coated finishes to our customers in the Dallas,
Fort Worth Metroplex. Our powder coat facility can handle larger items up to 20 feet in legth.
Our quality control procedures result in clean and consistent finishes.

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Brenco's Renewable Energy Division will bring businesses energy solutions to reduce energy cost. We have the newest and most effective energy producing solar solutions for any application big or small. Our goal is to reduce the initial cost and recover the customer's investment within 36 and 48 months.

To help businesses overcome high energy cost, Brenco has identified and tested many other products including lighting and roof coatings and transformers to recommend our customers.

We have proven the products true and have the outmost confidence that our customer's financial position and the earth's environment will be positively impacted.

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Our primary focus at Brenco Industrial Services is customer satisfaction, achieved with teamwork, value engineering, ensuring projects completed on schedule and within budget. This has been true since the company formed in 2001.

We believe the attainment of this goal can only be realized by the total involvement of our people, our sub contractors, and suppliers through cooperation and teamwork.



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